Using Pendo

How the Jamf UX team uses Pendo to innovate faster and drive product adoption

Published Nov 5, 2019

Five questions with Andrina Kelly, management consultant, UX & Amanda Sandbeck, manager, UX research at Jamf


1. What challenges or business needs initially led you to consider Pendo?

We needed better insights into how our users were engaging with our products and wanted the ability to guide our users through our software. We also wanted to reduce the reliance on engineering when it came to things like building in-app tooltips.

2. How are you using Pendo? What features do you rely on and which ones provide you with the greatest benefits? 

We use a broad set of Pendo functionality at Jamf – guides, walkthroughs, NPS surveys, tooltips and all of the analytics capabilities. We’ve found the user heat maps and clickstreams to be particularly valuable to our org. We’ll often use guides to highlight new and upcoming features and test prototypes with our users through surveys.

3. Have you had any “ah-ha” moments or interesting discoveries since implementing Pendo? 

Yes.  We saw a process in a workflow where an end-user may have missed a prior step. Using Pendo we were able to segment a tooltip to visitors who had missed the prior step. We ran a control group alongside a group with the tooltip and were able to see success in the funnel of 53% in the control group and 91% success in the group receiving the tooltip.

4. How would your team be impacted if you didn’t have Pendo? 

Being in UX research, we still engage with customers heavily and more in-depth outside of Pendo but having the ability to show more customers a prototype and ask 2-3 questions gives us insights that we are then able to further validate with more customers on a deeper level. We can have more pointed conversations, streamlining our processes, and it gives us a better starting point when we engage with customers. 

Not having Pendo would likely lead to more assumptions being made and features being implemented that are not as useful as they could be. We’d likely spend more time trying to figure out what areas to focus on when Pendo tells us the areas that are used most often. 

5. How is your organization using Pendo to become a product-led organization? 

Pendo has allowed UX to have a better impact on showing HOW customers actually engage with the product and allows us to go into meetings and discuss what areas should be worked on from the end-user perspective. We’ve been able to come into a room and say and show “0.1% of our users touch that area… we should consider reprioritizing this work”. As a UX team who is still trying to get their footing in the company, it helps us to keep the end-user at the front of the conversations. 

The UX team initiated Pendo into our organization but I think the entire company was shocked at how amazing the product was. The fact that it had an immediate impact was huge! 


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