Using Pendo

Five Questions with Fusion Web Clinic

Published Jul 19, 2019

Five Questions with Emily Hardin, Director of Product at Fusion Web Clinic.


1. What challenges or business needs initially led you to consider Pendo?

Initially, we were just looking for an NPS solution. We were just about to launch a rewrite of our software, and we needed to get a baseline value so we knew what we were working with. We had run a single NPS survey once before, but we had significant issues. The system that we used kept asking the same people over and over again and the data output was atrocious. It shouldn’t take you hours to calculate the simplest metric out there! So, when the time came for us to run NPS again, I knew that we wanted pretty much anyone EXCEPT our current provider. Pendo had just launched this crazy new, totally free NPS solution! I had been interested in Pendo in the past, but this was a chance for me to show the powers that be just how much benefit we could get from the program.

2. How and why did you decide that Pendo was the right product for your company?

The sales team was phenomenal. I had several interactions with them over several months. I never felt pressured, just understood. Because of issues with our previous provider, I had a LOT of technical questions, and our sales rep made sure they were answered by folks who could provide detailed responses. It was so refreshing to not get any run around! The thing that really made the biggest difference in the decision to move forward with Pendo was the integration of the usage data with the NPS data. I had never been able to see who my detractors really were, let alone what parts of the product they were using on a regular basis! There was so much information out there, and I hadn’t been leveraging any of it. It made it really easy to build a business case for my team.

3. How are you using Pendo? What features do you rely on and which ones provide you with the greatest benefits?

Oh man, we use Pendo in such a huge spread of ways:

  • Contextual help; this directly impacts our CX team and has allowed us to scale our customer base without having to linearly scale our team.
  • Feature tagging; Especially as we are wrapping up the rewrite of our system, I can see exactly what features are being used and which ones aren’t. This helps determine the impact of small changes and allows us to prioritize efforts to have the highest impact.
  • Paths; When we are looking to change the functionality of an action, we can analyze what steps our users are taking after making that action to determine what the best function would be.
  • Guides that are “shouts”; We use these for important announcements and release notes to ensure that all our users have the information they need
  • Segmented guides for marketing; Because of the powerful segmentation, I can target specific audiences who have taken specific actions with marketing messages.

4. What distinctive aspects of the healthcare industry make your use of Pendo impactful?

We have a feature that helps to decrease the amount of time it takes to complete clinical documentation. We had been treating it as a bit of an afterthought until we realized that it was the most clicked button in the entire application! We were able to make significant improvements to the workflow to reduce documentation time and get therapists back to their patients.

5. What are the largest effects that Pendo has had on your business, products, or customers?

Pendo gives our product team the confidence to make informed decisions in a way that we never have before. We are able to use data – real data! as we go about our day to day. It’s become a normal part of our routine to verify how we think our users are using the application with Pendo data, so we can improve their experience.