This Week in Product – Mar. 8, 2019

Published Mar 8, 2019

A Call to Elegance

In our modern world, it’s easy to junk things up. Simple is hard. We’re quick to add more questions to research surveys, more buttons to a digital interface, more burdens to people.

I came across this article by human-centered design advocate Kate Clayton in “Behavioral Scientist.” This piece is mostly about healthcare technology, perhaps not the most obvious choice for a product management rabbit hole. Or is it? This deep dive is a good reminder that thinking like an ethnographer is an important skill for every PM — before you add features, buttons, or burdens, ask yourself, “Can I say no to this?”

A Designer’s Touch

There are a total of nine great tweets in this awesome thread from this Bloomberg UXer, but this one is particularly important to shout out. We often argue that PMs need to have design sensibilities and the ability to work well with designers, but Pavel reminds us that the opposite is equally true. If you think not just about what’s in front of you, but of all the adjacent implications of what you design, congrats — you’re a PM!

Prepare to Launch

Is it a release or a launch? This question is important not just for product teams, but for everyone who supports them. Product marketing folks, in particular, but also marketing and sales who run with whatever is built. Depending on your release cadence, you may find yourself out of breath and confusing the two concepts, but this short piece from Jon Gatrell of Pragmatic Marketing actually helps remind you that differentiation is your friend.

Making Us Hungry

Our hot product job this week comes from DoorDash, and it’s a challenging one. Not only will you be responsible for managing a product that’s used by three distinct kinds of users (consumers, merchants, and delivery staff), you also need to be able to handle “chaos, ambiguity and complexity” with panache. We find it quite dashing. Yes, we made that pun.