Product Love Podcast: Nash, CEO and co-founder of Integry

Published Sep 30, 2021

This week on Product Love, I sat down next to Nash, CEO, and co-founder of Integry. Integry provides SaaS companies with embeddable integrations their users love. Back in the day, Nash co-founded Pring in Pakistan, a social network designed to be accessible to every Pakistani with a phone via offline SMS access along with powerful online tools.

On this week’s episode, we talked extensively about integrations — or, according to Nash, what a product leader would call a “necessary evil.”

Integrations used to be reserved for very large-scale enterprises but these days, it’s quite the opposite. Users now have all the apps in the world at their expense. Companies are buying more and more applications, and consequently, users are reaching a breaking point with all the apps they have at their disposal. It’s no surprise people are reaching app fatigue faster than ever.

But given the growth rate of technology, there’s only going to be twice as much software in the future, so we have to prioritize building seamless integration experiences.

For product managers, Nash believes integrations can be a two-fold problem. First, product leaders may ask their engineering team to build the integration, but that takes away their bandwidth. The follow-up issue is that engineers don’t actually want to build integrations.

So how should product leaders approach integration?

Dive into the podcast episode below to find out.