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Pendorama: Building Community Around Customer Stories, Starting in Boston

Published Feb 8, 2018

We recently kicked off the first Pendorama in one of our favorite cities – Boston. Customers from nearly two dozen technology companies across the city came together to learn Pendo best practices from product leaders at Rapid7, InsightSquared and There was incredible discussion, networking and plenty of pizza. We left the city inspired by the creative and transformative ways Pendo customers are using our platform.

Besides the opportunity to work Pendo into another fun event name, we’re launching Pendorama in key North America locations this year to help create communities of Pendo users within their own cities.

Boston offered a perfect example of what we hope will happen elsewhere. The meetup brought together Pendo customers across many different industries and disciplines. The sessions were led by Pendo power users Travis Turney & Kwan Lin of Rapid7, Seth Wylie of InsightSquared, and Sam Robinson of, each of whom’s job title represents the diversity of Pendo users. Sam is a product manager, Seth is the director of customer success ops, and Travis and Kwan sit on the UX and data science teams, respectively, at Rapid7.

The Rapid7 team kicked off the evening with the story of how they created an entire workflow for data analyzation using Pendo and other tools. Pendo data combined with R, Domo, and other solutions help the team identify churn risk early on. This more technical, deep dive is a great example of how Pendo data can be integrated into a company’s entire data strategy.

Travis Turney, Growth and Analytics Manager at Rapid7 presenting at Pendorama.

Next on the agenda was Sam, who explained how uses Pendo as an extension of its own product. The Dispatch team uses guides to generate interest in new integrations within its platform. This unique use case was a springboard for idea-sharing across the different companies in attendance, as it showcased a creative way that Pendo could be used to prioritize product decisions and ship products faster.

In the final session, Seth shared how InsightSquared uses quantitative and qualitative data to identify key user issues and create an effective process for its customer success and technical support teams. By more fully understanding the customer journey, the success team has moved its customer outreach from reactive to proactive.

We hear inspiring stories like these from our customers every day, but Pendorama gives us a way to share them more broadly and to initiate conversation, discussion and collaboration among our users. We are on a hunt for powerful use cases and ideas to present at Pendorama events across the country this year. Doing something cool with Pendo? This is your chance to show off your Pendo skills and learn a tip or two from others. Email [email protected] to learn more & check out to see where we are heading next!