How Pendo boosts business productivity with Cross-App Guides and Analytics

Published Sep 29, 2022

We all want to be more productive at work. Boosting productivity is the subject of countless books, talks, programs, and initiatives across the greater corporate world. Especially at a time of economic uncertainty, increasing productivity and efficiency takes on added urgency as businesses strive to do more with less. 

Yet too often, when managers think about productivity, they think about individual employees when they should be focused on the business processes those employees engage with. The truth? Make your business processes better, more efficient, and user friendly, and greater productivity will follow. 

For more productive people, prioritize process improvement

Business processes are supposed to be simple in most cases, yet employees struggle to complete them every day. Think about how many different applications were required to successfully onboard into your current role, how many you use in the course of your everyday work, and how those apps are constantly changing over time. There’s a learning curve, and points of friction and confusion seem unavoidable. 

Navigating work is complex. Employees need to switch contexts regularly to get their job done.  They don’t work in just one app. They work across many different tools, and therefore need to understand many different user interfaces (UIs) and navigate company-specific configurations of those apps. That’s why Pendo has created Cross-App Everywhere to help teams understand how work truly happens and meet employees where they are. 

A better way to support and empower employees

Improving productivity starts with understanding how work happens. Pendo enables business technology and operations teams to see how employees are completing processes across applications, whether those processes are recurring or non-recurring. Using Cross-App Analytics, they can discern a baseline of process completion (which we refer to as workflow completion).  

Once they’ve arrived at those baselines, teams can hone in on bottlenecks, friction points, and the process challenges that may be impeding business outcomes. To improve the process and boost baseline time and adoption rates, business technology teams can target in-app communication and guidance to relevant employees using user segmentation. Pendo allows you to segment by metadata (role, location, etc.) or behavior (whether it’s your first time using an app or engaging in a process). 

User segmentation ensures that support and guidance only goes to users who want and need it, and doesn’t become a nuisance for those who don’t. And with cross-app guides, teams only need to create one guide for a given process—that guide will accompany users across the different apps needed to complete the workflow. Because the guide launches in each application in the workflow sequence, users will know where to go to complete business-critical processes that may not exist in only one app.

Of course, a guide is only as helpful as the amount by which it improves workflow productivity. And for that reason, Pendo offers users robust analytics to measure the effectiveness of guide interventions. After a set time period, business technology and operations teams can examine the completion rate or time to complete for a given process after a guide was deployed and compare it to the baseline. If the numbers are improving, they know their guide is having the desired effect, and can easily edit and update it as processes evolve and change.

Transform work and greater productivity will follow

By focusing on workflow and process optimization, businesses put their employees in a position to thrive at work. With tools like Pendo to aid in the improvement, they can build a more understandable and efficient digital workplace, resulting in user-friendly workflows, greater employee satisfaction, and of course, a boost in productivity across the business. 

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