How Pendo is helping nonprofits empower stakeholders and fulfill their missions

Published Jan 23, 2023

We’re in the early days of 2023, and most businesses are preparing for an even more challenging economic environment than the one we faced last year. With inflation remaining high and more analysts predicting a full-blown recession in the new year, companies are having to do more with less and watch costs closely as they pursue growth. 

Add being a nonprofit into the mix, and the challenge becomes even more daunting. Unlike other businesses in the private sector, most nonprofits—especially small and medium-sized ones—are working with even more limited resources and tighter budgets. They’re also dependent on an array of volunteers and other stakeholders in order to succeed—some of whom may struggle with the technology nonprofits employ in their operations.

Many nonprofits may be small, scrappy outfits, but their missions are too big (and too important) for them to fail. These organizations are vital for safeguarding the wellbeing of some of the most vulnerable in our communities. In tough economic times like these, their success is more important than ever. That’s why Pendo is working to provide comprehensive, affordable solutions to help nonprofits realize their goals.    

Maximize stakeholder engagement 

Most nonprofits run on a model that depends on a diverse set of stakeholders. They need donors to fund their work, volunteers to help execute that work, and recipients who are aware of and able to access their services without confusion or difficulty. 

Each of these stakeholder groups may have its own digital pain points. Donors may find the nonprofit’s website or app confusing or difficult to navigate. Volunteers and employees may have more experience and familiarity with the mission of the nonprofit than with the technology that powers it, leading to confusion around digital processes or best practices (e.g. application processing, grant-writing, etc.). And target recipients for nonprofit aid or services may also have difficulty navigating the site and/or be less familiar with doing things online. 

What makes addressing these pain points difficult is that most smaller nonprofits have limited engineering and development resources. As a result, they may struggle with knowing what to prioritize digitally—and how. 

Boost your operating efficiency

These challenges can lead to inefficiencies that hinder a nonprofit’s effectiveness and efficiency. People may be unaware of the services it provides and/or have difficulty accessing or applying for them digitally. Because of the limited engineering resources, many nonprofits also have limited visibility into how users are engaging with their app, site, or product, and are then left in the dark about what to prioritize in their roadmap. 

Then there’s the matter of onboarding. Showing volunteers how to complete organization-critical processes, guiding recipients through an application or contact process, and familiarizing donors with who you are and what you do can all be tricky. Traditional methods of onboarding, whether through paper documents, in-person instructions, or via phone-call support centers, don’t scale and aren’t customizable. So what’s the best way forward? 

The Pendo solution

Fortunately, Pendo supports nonprofits in addressing all these challenges, and in a way that doesn’t break the bank. With Pendo Free nonprofits have access to powerful analytics, to understand how users are engaging with their app or site. Once you have insights into how users are engaging, questions about what to prioritize digitally become easier to answer. 

Pendo also gives you the ability to get the right support and guidance to the right users at the right time—in the app or on the site itself. Whether it’s for volunteers needing assistance in completing a key process or recipients needing assistance in getting the help or services they need, Pendo’s In-app Guides provide timely, personalized, and relevant onboarding and support in the moment when it’s needed most. 

Nonprofits provide crucial aid and services that make our communities more vibrant, equitable, and inclusive. And Pendo is here to support them every step of the way. 

To see more of the value Pendo can provide to nonprofits, create a Pendo Free account here.