Here are the top 5 reasons to attend Guide: The Digital Adoption Summit

Published May 2, 2022

In today’s business world, doing digital transformation right can mean the difference between a company’s ultimate success or failure. That’s why 89% of executives say driving the adoption of employee-facing software is a priority. But in order to transform how employees embrace new technology, you have to help them transform how they work. 

Guide: The Digital Adoption Summit, Pendo’s free virtual event on May 10, brings together top experts to discuss what it takes to build a good digital adoption strategy and drive organizational change among employees. Here are the top five reasons why you won’t want to miss this insights-packed exchange of ideas. 

1. Pendo’s Tatyana Mamut on how to empower employees and transform work  

Done right, digital transformation boosts companies’ growth and productivity. Yet the vast majority of transformation projects fail. Why? There can be many reasons, but they all boil down to one thing: people. Digital transformations depend on employee buy-in to succeed. If your employees feel overwhelmed and confused by the tools they use at work, productivity lags and transformation will never take off.

Don’t miss Tatyana Mamut, SVP of New Products at Pendo, on how business technology leaders can succeed with digital transformation by putting empathy for employees at the center of their tech decisions.

2. Prosci’s Tim Creasy on why organizational agility is a strategic imperative

With an increasing velocity of change and demand to achieve expected results, organizational agility is a critical competency for businesses. It’s the key to out-changing competition, digital transformation, and evolving workplaces. See Tim Creasey, Chief Innovation Officer at Prosci, speak on why agility matters, how you can identify strengths and weaknesses, and ways to build resiliency as a core competency for your business.

3. Leading CIOs on IT’s role in a post-pandemic work world

What makes it hard to manage a complex IT portfolio in a post-pandemic world? What’s the best way for IT to take the lead on driving software adoption? What role should cross-departmental partners play in their strategy?

Join Enrique Jenkins (VP of Business Technology, Pendo) as he talks with Saket Srivastava (Chief Information Officer, Asana), Sham Chatterjee (Chief Information and Technology Officer, Linksys), Ekta Chopra (Chief Digital Officer, e.l.f. Beauty), and Pankaj Jain (Divisional CIO, Corporate Systems and Data, Silicon Valley Bank) about these and other timely questions. Each has critical insights into how IT drives digital transformation—and where the field goes from here.

4. Bestselling author Dr. Mik Kersten on measuring digital outcomes with the Flow Framework®

In many enterprises, digital transformations are starting to get board-level visibility as the need to become a software innovator becomes critical to company survival and success. But how many of these transformations are on track in terms of producing the results that the business is expecting? How many organizations are tracking the results of their transformations, rather than just activities, such as training and tool deployments? These disconnects between the business and IT are what’s causing large-scale transformations to fall off the rails.

Hear Dr. Mik Kersten as he summarizes his best-selling book, Project to Product, and presents the Flow Framework®, a prescriptive approach to value stream management that helps organizations measure their product value streams, improve flow, and optimize for business outcomes.

5. Harvard Business School’s Tsedal Neeley on developing a digital mindset 

The nature of work has fundamentally changed over the past few years, with companies growing their digital infrastructure and software investments as the hybrid workplace becomes the new normal. Many organizations now find themselves at a crossroads: What are the best ways to think about onboarding, collaboration, work-life balance, and app fatigue in a hybrid context?

Join Harvard Business School Professor and award-winning author Tsedal Neeley in conversation with Pendo CEO Todd Olson about how developing a digital mindset helps answer these and other pressing questions. 

You won’t want to miss what’s on offer at Guide: The Digital Adoption Summit. Register today for what’s sure to be an unforgettable event.