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Published Mar 19, 2015

Getting More From Pendo (Part 3). Improving the Onboarding Process

In this third post in the series, we look at how you can use analytics information and guides to improve the onboarding process and increase the rate of successful signups and setups.

Make help in-context, instead of out of context.

Knowledge bases provide users with great information, but requires your users to read instructions in one place, and then apply the learnings in another place. By moving this knowledge into the application itself, you make the help experience much more effective. You can even walk users step by step through the onboarding process.

Help users to help themselves.

Your support team isn’t always there and you don’t have active guides to address every user issue. But with user initiated guides, users can instantly find guidance inside the application when they need it, saving you support costs and keeping users productive and happy.

Walk users through complicated processes.

Despite best efforts to keep products as usable as possible, products often end up with some processes that are complicated. With Pendo’s Walkthrough guides, you can teach a user how to complete a multi-step process by walking them through the process step-by-step in-app.

Resolve multiple ways to accomplish the same task.

Some products have multiple ways to accomplish the same task, but the product team doesn’t have a good understanding of which method their users are actually using. With Pendo, in under 2 minutes, you can identify each of the methods for doing a task, and see the analytics around the usage of each of these methods. You can then simplify your application by removing the lesser used method.

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