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Find Your New Favorite (Free) Product Management Tool

Long gone are the days when product managers had to cobble together their own tools or repurpose those intended for others in order to manage their responsibilities. Now there are so many PM-focused applications and software choices out there that it can be hard to know where to start. Some tools focus solely on a particular product management need, such as user testing, internationalization, prototyping, or roadmapping. Others aim to provide an all-in-one product management platform, offering everything from product analytics to user feedback collection to session replay.

To make finding the best tool for your product org’s needs a little easier, we’ve built an easy-to-browse library of product management tools. Oh, and the best part? All of them are free.

Start exploring now.

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Why we created this resource

Adding a new tool to your PM stack is a big deal. Whatever you pick will need to fit in with your existing software and current workflows. Also, many of these applications are powerful and complex — and a lot of the time, they’re expensive. Choosing one might seem like too big of a commitment, even if you really need or want to access this tool in order to boost your team’s capabilities.

Luckily, a number of popular PM tools offer free trials or freemium versions, plenty of which are quick to set up and easy-to-use. Taking inspiration from our Product Stack, we decided to create a sort-able library of free tools built just for PMs. We wanted to take some of the stress and risk out of finding your new favorite product management tool by putting all of these free applications in one place.

How to use the table

Don’t worry — the table is pretty user-friendly. But we’d like to point out a few ways you may want to filter/sort the data.

Trial or plan?

Are you looking for a long-term, no-cost solution? Or do you want to try out an application that may cost more in the future? In the table, filtering “Freemium Type” by “Free Plan” will bring up tools that have a “free forever” option. Generally, these applications are free to use indefinitely within certain parameters (the number of monthly users/seats, for example). Also, their functionality is sometimes limited when compared to paid plans.

Length of trial

How long does your team typically take to evaluate a product? Two weeks? A month? In the table, you can use the “Freemium Type” filter to only display free trials of a specific length (14 days, 30 days, etc.) Keep in mind that more complex applications might take a bit longer to demonstrate their full value. And if you’re using the tool to help you hit a specific deadline, make sure your free trial won’t run out before then.

Use case(s)

Are you looking for a digital adoption platform? A tag management tool? An application for collecting user feedback? Our library of 100+ free tools includes all of those options and more. To display only those tools for your specific use case, filter the table by “Category.” There are fourteen to choose from, from business intelligence to user testing. And several tools appear in more than one category.

Did we miss anything?

Is your favorite freemium tool nowhere to be found? Let us know, and we’ll get it added. Happy browsing and we hope you find your new favorite (free) PM tool soon!