The Six Best Product Management Podcasts

Published Jan 15, 2019

2019 is here, and that means it’s time to dust off that podcast list and discover new things to listen to. Get off to a good start on your product management-related resolutions with our six favorite podcasts.

Listen, learn, and enjoy.

Rocketship FM

Rocketship FM has five seasons that all feature different themes and product managers that they follow. Their most recent season covers the unglamorous but honest sides of product management. We liked the episode, “We F*cked Up: Product Mistakes.” A lot of the missteps were shocking to listen to, but the level of relatability would make any product manager feel less alone.

This Is Product Management

What is product management? This is a great podcast that answers all your questions through the perspectives of various product leaders. Their podcast covers six topics: user research, leadership, user experience, corporate innovation, influencing stakeholders, and career. The podcast has been around for like, ever. Not only do they have awesome interviews with product people over specific subjects, but they also ask what their guests are reading, and recommended resources on the specific topic they’ve covered.

How I Built This

Guy Raz, of TED Radio Hour fame, talks to the founders of some of the hottest companies about the highs, lows, and muddy middles of pure creativity. Each episode takes the listener through an entrepreneurial journey, from humble beginnings and hustle to massive success. Get started with one of our favorite episodes, “Lyft: John Zimmer.”

ICYMI, Guy will be the keynote speaker at the ProductCraft Conference this May in San Francisco — don’t miss out on early-bird tickets!

100 Product Managers

100 PM’s Suzanne Abate is on her way to interviewing one hundred product managers and gathering their stories from the trenches. So far, the podcast includes 67 conversations with active PMs. Those interviewed come from all business stages, from small startups to enterprise giants, and from a wide range of industries. With so many guests, this podcast offers something for every listener.

Product to Product

If you prefer podcasts with a more conversational tone, you’ll enjoy this one from Roadmunk. The hosts and guests don’t shy away from the tough parts of product management – each episode is marked by brutal honesty and cutting candor. As an example, check out Episode 4: The “Sh*ttiness” of Being a “Sh*t Umbrella.” Interviewees include not only product managers but also marketers, designers, and executives.

Product Love

Yes, we’re a bit biased, but we heartily recommend our podcast, Product Love. Each week, Pendo co-founder Eric Boduch chats with product experts about everything from big-picture industry concerns to the nitty-gritty of day-to-day product management. Start feeling the “product love” with our inaugural episode and don’t forget to subscribe on Apple Podcasts.

Honorable Mention: Fixed That For You
For something a little different, we suggest this brand-new and exciting podcast from Segment, a customer data infrastructure firm. FTFY (as the cool kids call it) focuses on data and the many problems it can solve. The first episode just launched and discusses an unexpected topic: reducing the death toll of human stampedes using data collection and crowd control algorithms.

Did we leave out your favorite PM podcast? Let us know in the comments section.