Start 2023 right with these top product-led talks of the year

Published Jan 5, 2023

Welcome to 2023. A new year, a fresh start, and an opportunity to approach your product with a renewed perspective and refreshed goals.

By now, you’ve likely already set your roadmap and established your product strategy for the coming months. But how about your product-led strategy?

There are tons of resources out there to help you level-up your team’s product-led tactics in 2023 (like our Product-led Hub and Product-led Certification Course). But a little extra dose of inspiration never hurt anyone. And nothing beats hearing stories and ideas directly from other product leaders and practitioners who’ve been there and done it all before. 

That’s why we’ve curated our favorite product-led talks from the past year and brought them together on our new page, The top 10 product-led talks of the year. This collection of recordings offers first-hand perspectives from thought leaders across industries—available on-demand—to help inspire and accelerate your own product and business goals.

If you’re new to product-led strategy or are looking for new ways to bring a product-led approach to your company, need real-life examples (and results) of other teams applying product-led tactics, or just want to hear from other product people who have faced some of the same challenges you’re looking to tackle in 2023—these videos are for you. 

Here’s an overview of what you’ll find:

  • Marcus Andrews (Director of Product Marketing at Pendo) explains why a product-led approach drives operational efficiency—and how organizations of all sizes are using it to fight back against economic headwinds and uncertainty.
  • Emily Tate (Managing Director, Mind the Product) puts us in the mindset of what trolls might do, to help product teams refocus their energy on building more responsible and ethical products.
  • Stephanie Tanzar (Sr. Director of Product Management at Pendo) explores the role of product analytics in executive-level and decision-making conversations, and shares tips for how to use them to make the strongest business case possible.
  • Liz Feller (Manager, Online Help Technology and Analytics at Nelnet) shares how her team uses different types of in-app guides to add small touches to their products that make a big impact on the customer experience.
  • Conner Hatfield (Adoption and Retention Marketing Manager at Adobe) explains how the Adobe Marketo Engage team evolved and optimized its in-product guide nurture strategy by taking a customer-first mindset.
  • Lucile Vea (Group Manager, Engagement Marketing at Zendesk) walks us through the steps her team took to improve user engagement with in-app guides.
  • Mary Ward (Sr. Digital Product Manager at iRobot) shares how iRobot used Pendo to build a personalization strategy for their mobile app, allowing the team to efficiently engage with—and improve the experiences of—over 14 million customers globally.
  • Dr. Jacob Mecham (UX Designer and Pendo Manager at AdvancedMD) talks about how he built a governance program to rein in all of the in-app guides used across his organization, and shares actionable tips for how you can, too.
  • Hannah Chaplin (Principal, Product Marketing at Pendo) explores the power of the product roadmap, the role it plays in aligning your entire team, and how to use it to tell a cohesive story about the future direction of your organization.
  • Nichole Mace (VP of Product Growth at Pendo), Danielle Satterwhite (Sr. Growth Marketing Manager at Pendo), and Sneha Raghavan (Director of Analytics at Pendo) take us behind the scenes of how we built our own product-led growth motion here at Pendo—including learnings you can apply to your own organization.


Access all top 10 product-led talks of the year here. And we wish you a very happy (and product-led) year ahead!