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Pendo and Gainsight Partner to Grow Product and Customer Success

Published May 11, 2016

Oakland, California —

Pendo and Gainsight announced today a new strategic partnership to deliver an integrated Product and Customer Success solution.

Through this partnership, detailed product usage data and feedback from Pendo can enhance Gainsight’s ability to manage and optimize a company’s workflow around the customer lifecycle. And the customer knowledge in Gainsight’s platform can be used to identify opportunities to deploy personalized product guidance using Pendo.

“Pendo has been very effective in helping us understand how our customers use our software and to improve that experience.  Gainsight has given us the tools we need to monitor and engage with our customers,” said Darren Card, Director of Product Management at Allocadia. “By using both products together, we will be able to better understand how our product experience affects the health of our customers, and have the ability to act on these insights quickly.”

An integrated solution puts more product knowledge in the hands of customer success professionals and more customer insight in the hands of product teams. This knowledge and insight will enable companies to more effectively retain and upsell customers.

“By integrating best-in-class solutions in product and Customer Success, we can provide Customer Success Professionals with important data about how their customers are using their products.” said Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight. “These insights into product usage are a key indicator of customer health and in turn, a predictor of customer churn, retention or upsell.”

“Gainsight provides a 360 degree view of the customer. We can leverage this knowledge about the customer to personalize their product experience using Pendo’s in-application messaging and guides.” said Todd Olson, founder and CEO of Pendo.

More information can be found at Pulse 2016, the premiere destination for the Customer Success Industry.

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