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Introducing the 2022 Pendo Customer Award Winners

Published Sep 15, 2022

One of the most exciting parts of Pendomonium is the opportunity to recognize customers for the innovative and impactful work they’ve done using Pendo. This year’s 11 Pendo Customer Award winners leverage product-led strategy to help their companies achieve impressive business outcomes.

Check out the winners of the 2022 Pendo Customer Awards:

Most Strategic Use of Product Analytics

Winner: Phenom

Phenom is an AI-based platform used by recruiters and managers to hire and develop their teams. Pendo is engrained at this company, with product growth managers across 10 core product teams focused on analyzing Pendo data alongside support ticket trends to inform their roadmap.

Phenom received recognition for enabling its product teams to replace siloed data and dashboards with a key set of adoption metrics tracked in Pendo. With this data layer in place, the ability to segment by user type, and to deliver and analyze NPS, Phenom was able to identify a secondary layer of one of their existing user personas – the hiring manager – leading to a new corporate initiative to enhance the experience for those key Phenom users. By utilizing usage data from Pendo, Phenom has significantly increased access and usage to new features for this persona.

Most Effective In-App Guidance Program

Winner: Adobe

Adobe Marketo Engage gives marketers the complete tool kit to deliver lead-based and account-based marketing, from acquisition to advocacy.

Adobe received recognition for an initiative to bring the concept of nurture from email inside its Marketo Engage application. By delivering targeted in-app guides in sequence to customers, Adobe has increased adoption of key features and enabled users to achieve success at each stage of the customer journey.

Most Impactful Feedback Program

Winner: TalentReef

TalentReef, a talent management platform for hourly workers, had always struggled to reach the right users for customer research. Using Pendo guides and the Zapier/Salesforce integration, they very quickly began to build a diverse panel of customers to utilize for user research.

TalentReef received recognition for using Pendo to first field a diverse panel of customers to utilize for user research, and then leverage them to get quick feedback on new product ideas. For the first study with the panel, time-to-recruit dropped from two weeks to less than three hours. And now, TalentReef has saved additional development time and money, by keeping the team focused on building the solutions that have been validated with customers.

Business Impact Award

Winner: NantHealth

NantHealth operates one of the leading platforms for health care providers and insurance companies to exchange vital administrative, financial and clinical information involving patients. By creating a cross-functional Pendo Governance team and operationalizing how they use our platform, the Nanthealth product team has evolved from reactively mitigating support issues when they started with Pendo to proactively increasing user retention using Core Events, in-app polls and guides.

NantHealth received recognition for its successful implementation of a new user onboarding process called NaviNet 101, which helps customers engage quickly and effectively with the most valuable features in the NantHealth platform, leading to increased user retention and satisfaction.

Winner: Elsevier

Elsevier is a leader in information and analytics for customers across the global research and health ecosystems. This team set out to reduce the load on support and provide a better customer experience by driving its two million users registered on support centers to a self-service option for support and education.

Elsevier received recognition for its In-Product Help (IPH) initiative, a one-stop help solution that leverages a customized Pendo Resource Center. With IPH, customers get self-service onboarding, announcements, education and support while using an initial seven Elsevier products. The results have been so significant, that the team is expanding the solution across many more of its 85 digital products installed with Pendo.

Business Efficiency Award

Winner: Nelnet

Nelnet provides more than 1,300 colleges and 11,500 K-12 schools with payment technology and community management solutions, with Pendo installed across 13 products, each serving unique markets and millions of users.

Nelnet received recognition for their initiative to provide in-the-moment, personalized help to both enhance customer experiences and reduce reliance on developers. Nelnet used Pendo analytics and in-app guidance features, including the Resource Center, to reduce call volumes by 20% by providing in-app help content. Nelnet increased traffic to its knowledge base by over 12% using contextual help links. These efforts have saved Nelnet nearly $1M in developer time and resources, driving efficiency for the business.

Product-Led Organization of the Year

Best Product-Led Growth Initiative

Winner: CallRail

CallRail is a lead intelligence platform serving more than 200,000 companies worldwide. The company has doubled down on product-led growth by using Pendo to showcase new products and packages available to customers.

CallRail received recognition for using Pendo to drive its product-led growth initiative, launching free trials to drive interest in new products, and using in-app guidance campaigns to drive existing customer awareness to mature products without a sales and marketing focus. For the first time ever, cross-sell and upsell revenue has become a predictable source of revenue for the company.

Best Product-Led Marketing Initiative

Winner: Truckstop

Truckstop provides technology to the trucking and logistics industry, a traditionally technology-averse industry. When the team launched a new mobile app earlier this year, they knew they had to nail it with their trucking audience.

Truckstop received recognition for using Pendo analytics and guides to drastically increase the number of ratings for its newest mobile app, making Truckstop the highest-rated app in the transportation industry. In less than a week, Truckstop’s Google Play rating jumped from 2.2 to 4.7 with 340 reviews and its App Store rating climbed from 3.8 to 4.8 with 930 reviews.

Best Product-Led Success Initiative

Winner: Red Hat

Red Hat Learning Subscription is a catalog of training content provided as a year-long subscription to Red Hat customers.
The Red Hat Learning Subscription team received recognition for an initiative to drive successful usage of its training platform, using Pendo to get customers onboarded faster and engaging more quickly with valuable features. User surveys sent using Pendo have also identified friction points and enabled the team to alleviate confusion for those stuck users. Red Hat customers can only be successful if they know how to use the products they have bought – with Pendo, RHLS is now driving even more successful Red Hat customers.

Founders’ Award

Winner: Q2

Each year, Pendo’s founders recognize one company that is using Pendo to its fullest extent, achieving the impactful business results that they envisioned when they started the company in 2013.

Q2 Software enables thousands of small community banks and credit unions to provide their customers the same digital offerings as they’d get at a large national bank. Q2 embodies our founders’ vision by integrating Pendo across its business to transform how it delivers its digital services. A couple of years ago, Q2 took a risk on an new innovative product line called Adopt for Partners, becoming one of the first resellers of Pendo. That product is now embedded within Q2’s Discover platform, allowing nearly 150 financial institutions and credit unions to communicate in-app to improve the customer experience and drive additional revenue for their banks. It’s an honor to have Q2 Software as part of our community, they have made Pendo a better company and today is Pendo’s largest customer.

Pendo User of the Year

Winner: Anna Geissbuhler, senior product operations manager at One Medical

The Pendo User of the Year is not only a power user and expert at using Pendo, but a champion both inside their companies and across the Pendo community.

Anna is one of the top 10 contributors to the Pendo Neighborhood and a top 100 Pendo platform user, logging more than 75,000 events over 228 days of usage over the last year. Anna has raised her hand to be part of all beta programs, showing her commitment to making our platform increasingly better. She has evangelized Pendo with the product and IT teams at One Medical, inspiring others on the One Medical team to do even more with Pendo. She is an incredible champion who is contributing to her company’s success, our success, and that of our entire Pendo community.

Keep an eye out for next year’s submission process to begin in spring 2023!