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Introducing Pendo Polls & NPS Scores

Published Feb 11, 2016
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Bring together quantitative product analysis and qualitative user feedback for unprecedented insight.

Getting customer and user feedback is a must-have for any product team. Honestly, it’s one of the first questions we get from potential users when we show off our product analytics—isn’t talking to the customer important?
Of course, it’s important. We see over and over again that the most successful product teams measure EVERYTHING – both looking at product data and continuously soliciting feedback from users. Our recent survey of product managers and executives found that companies with the most advanced product measurement programs earned $61M more ARR than those with only simple analytics approaches or none at all.

Unfortunately, once you get more than a handful of customers, soliciting feedback becomes a challenge. You can spam your customers asking for feedback—that tends to both irritate customers and lead to selection bias. It’s also hard to contextualize the feedback. Is the customer a power-user? Has the customer even tried it?

That’s why we’re extremely excited to roll out Pendo polls, an extension to our in-app guides. Polls are designed to collect high-quality, qualitative user input, and scalably solicit feedback from customers directly in-app. Combined with our rich quantitative product data, this highly relevant feedback can deliver an unprecedented level of insight.

Why should you use in-app polls?

User feedback is a critical prerequisite for any application, and the more timely the feedback, the more accurate and relevant it is. Allowing customers to deliver feedback directly in the app engages them “in-the-moment,” and ensures that you are getting their input right when it is top-of-mind for them.

What can you do with polls?

Polls can be created as additions within in-app guides, or as stand-alone prompts within the app. A variety of input types are supported including free-form, yes/no, rating, and drop-down lists that allow you to:

Open-ended feedback
Collect open-ended feedback about features from your customers that have used them
Yes or no feedback
Evaluate content and understand the effectiveness of layouts, pages, features, or other aspects of your app
Role drop-down
Gather additional user demographics like job role, experience level, or department

Score your customer loyalty with NPS

Net Promoter Score® (NPS) is the industry-leading standard for measuring and understanding customer loyalty and growth potential. Pendo provides a special poll type that allows you to to serve up NPS polls to a sampled subset of your users, and calculate your NPS score.

NPS survey

The best part: Like all of the other Pendo platform features, polls can be implemented and added to your app without any additional coding.

Pendo polls

The polling feature works directly with your segments allowing you to customize which users see specific polls based on demographics or user behavior. For example, when soliciting feedback on a particular feature, you can limit the poll to only target users who have used the feature. This precise targeting and the in-app delivery ensures high response rates and highly valuable feedback.

Poll results, including NPS scores, integrate into the visitor and guide detail reports where you can view completion rates, and quickly drill into individual responses.

For more information read the FAQs or Step-by-step tutorial. Want to see how they work? Request a demo today.