2020 Agenda


Day One: Wednesday, September 16 11 am EDT/ 8 am PDT/ 16:00 BST

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11:00 am EDT

Opening Keynote: Rewriting the Playbook

Todd Olson, CEO and Co-Founder, Pendo

11:35 am EDT

1-on-1 With Kareem Abdul Jabbar

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Pendo CEO Todd Olson will talk to the inimitable Kareem Abdul-Jabbar about personal growth and professional reinvention in this casual one-on-one conversation.

12:05 pm EDT


12:15 pm EDT

Rewriting your Product Vision

Brian Crofts, Chief Product Officer, Pendo

12:45 pm EDT

12:55 pm EDT

Game Design for Business Software

Rahul Vohra, Founder & CEO, Superhuman

How Superhuman builds software like it's a game -- they obsess over how users will feel, not strictly what they want.


Day Two: Thursday, September 17 10:30 am EDT/ 7:30 am PDT/ 16:30 BST

10:30 am EDT

Tweaking the Recipe: How Blue Apron Adapted throughout a Changing Market

Linda Kozlowski, CEO, Blue Apron

In the wake of COVID-19, Blue Apron became one of the year's most storied brands. In this session, CEO Linda Kozlowski will share how an incredibly deep understanding of its customers helped the company navigate such uncertain times.

11:05 am EDT

Strengthen Your Product Core

Christine Itwaru, Director of Product Operations, Pendo
Brian Crofts, Chief Product Officer, Pendo

11:35 am EDT

12:35 pm EDT

12:55 pm EDT

1:55 pm EDT

Fireside chat with Nina Krstic

Nina Krstic, Director and Producer, "The Last Dance"

Together with Pendo's Hillá Watkins, "The Last Dance" producer Nina Krstic will explore the parallels between making a film that moves an audience and building a product that inspires customers.

2:20 pm EDT

Closing concert: G. Love

G. Love

Close out Pendomonium with a private living room concert with G.Love.


On-demand breakout sessions

Choose your own adventure for this hour! Find what's relevant to you, and mix and match tracks. We've got 26 breakout options for you. Pendo best practices: foundational, Pendo best practices: deep dive, Product Engagement for SaaS, and Technical tracks are all 30 minutes, and quick hacks tracks are 15 minutes.

Pendo best practices: Foundational

30 min

8:00 am EDT

Mass Multi-App Rollout

Christian Baverstock, UX/UI Director, Advanced
Kellie Oxley, Sr. Product Owner, Advanced

Dig Into the Why – How Banzai Uses Pendo to Drive Product Decisions

Rachel Stanley, Director of Customer Adoption, Banzai
Andy Linteau, Chief Product Officer, Banzai

8:15 am EDT

6 Tips for using Pendo – Lessons learned from a Coursera PM

Jenny Wolochow, Sr. Product Manager, Coursera

6 Tips for using Pendo – Lessons learned from a Coursera PM

Jenny Wolochow, Sr. Product Manager, Coursera

8:30 am EDT

Time out!—how hitting pause helped us realize our new user onboarding had gone way overboard

Sydney Sundell, Product Marketing Manager, Guru
Priya Ranganath, Assoc. Product Manager, Guru
Rachel Campbell, Product Designer, Guru

Product Operations – building “non-features”

Christine Itwaru, Director of Product Operations, Pendo

Pendo best practices: Deep dive

30 min

9:00 am EDT

Transitioning from Intuition to Data Driven

Andrina Kelly, Product Analytics & User Engagement, Jamf

Driving Growth through product adoption

Jane Gerstner, Product Specialist, IHS Markit

9:30 am EDT

Get Started with Mobile Guides: Key use cases to delight your users and improve app success

Keren Wexler, Director, Product Management, Pendo
Hannah Chaplin, Director, Pendo Feedback & Mobile, Pendo

Utilizing Pendo in an Enterprise Setting to Drive Adoption

Stephanie Monk, Sr. Manager, In-Product Marketing, Citrix
Allison Caldrone, In-Product Marketing Manager, Citrix
Rebecca Bungert, In-Product Marketing Manager, Citrix

9:45 am EDT

How Partnering with Pendo Adopt Can Create $1M+ in New Pipeline

Gary Cottrell, VP, Product Marketing and Strategy, Xactly
Eric Boduch, Founder & GM of Pendo Adopt, Pendo

Building a New Revenue Engine with Pendo Adopt

Michael Vasquez, Product Owner, Q2 Discover and Creative Services, Q2

10:00 am EDT

Proven Online Learning Principles PMs Need to Know

Katie Babbili, Learning Advocate, Benchprep

Product engagement for SaaS

30 min

10:05 am EDT

Top retention strategies for B2B infrastructure SaaS

Nancy Wang, Head of AWS Backup, AWS

Fast-tracking Customer Onboarding using Pendo

Ryan Henley, Chief Customer Officer, Bandwidth
Carissa Matton, Manager, Customer Experience, Bandwidth

10:15 am EDT

Digital Disruption Hits Product Management: A Taxonomy of Product Management Tools

Greg Coticchia, Executive Director, Academic Programs, Carnegie Mellon University
Brian Nejmeh, President, INSTEP, Inc

Working a Multi-Product Roadmap

Charles Caldwell, VP of Product Management, Logi Analytics

Product engagement for non-SaaS

30 min

10:30 am EDT

Reimagining the Onapsis Platform with Pendo

Zach Zager, Product Manager, Onapsis
Donna Barbieri, Sr. Product Documentation Specialist, Onapsis
Maya Tal, Sr. User Experience Designer, Onapsis

Pendo Analytics for Non-Traditional Platforms

Harrison Hersch, Sr. Product Manager, Quick Base


30 min

11:00 am EDT

The Pendo Backbone

Alex Bunkers, Director Customer Success, Tekmetric

Quick hacks

15 min

11:30 am EDT

Ready, Set, Test! A Framework for A/B Testing Guide Content

Alan Stephens, Program Manager - Product, Workhuman
Julie Sargent, Senior Product Director, Workhuman

Supercharged guide creation: Hacks for fast, customizable guides

Patrick Kovacich, Senior User Experience Designer, AppFolio

12:30 pm EDT

How to solicit in-product user feedback with Pendo

Will Hughes, Product Manager, Crunchbase

Give us the guides: How Elsevier uses permalinks to get users working and support users faster

Lisa Gervais, User Engagement Specialist, Authoring Platforms, Elsevier

1:00 pm EDT

How to get buy-in from Enterprise software stakeholders to invest in Pendo?

Eva Li, Product Owner, Copperleaf Technologies
Ian Muirhead, Director Product Design, Copperleaf Technologies

Driving Action Using Automation

Nancy Steele, Senior Director, Customer Experience, Invoca

1:30 pm EDT

Launching a feature with Pendo

Emily Dunn, Sr. Sales Engineer, Pendo