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Reducing complexity by demonstrating value

See how Sabienzia used Pendo in-app guides to welcome new customers to their platform and immerse them in the product experience from day one


Sabienzia knew they had a great product on their hands—but they needed a way to highlight its most relevant actions and features from the get-go to ensure users wouldn’t get overwhelmed by the power of the full platform.

Pendo'ing it

The Sabienzia team used Pendo in-app guides to build a new welcome and onboarding tour for their trial customers, leveraging both educational and interactive prompts to clearly demonstrate value.


Since launching their new onboarding experience, the Sabienzia team has received overwhelmingly positive qualitative feedback from their customers, while also reducing noise and complexity within the product experience.

Sebastian Maronn

Director of product


Sabienzia is a cloud-based contact center that allows users to take and make calls via an internet browser. Sabienzia helps customers set up a fully customizable customer service operation in the cloud, without complicated or labor-intensive installations.

Pendo’ing it means driving feature adoption and revising different features—from announcement to measuring usage after launch. [It’s understanding] how much time people spend on the feature, where they navigate afterwards, and all those different things. Pendo is also the tool we mainly use to collect feedback.

Call me maybe?

Call centers—especially when it comes to precious products and consulting services—are more than just engines for taking calls with customers and prospects. They’re opportunities to drive incredible customer experiences. There are a lot of exciting innovations in the call center space—but communicating their value in a saturated market can sometimes be a challenge. Pendo makes sharing the story easy.

Sabienzia knew they had a great product on their hands—a way for call centers to take their operations fully online, without relying on physical infrastructure. “With Sabienzia, our clients just need one user interface to do all the different things they need to manage—taking phone or video calls, making phone calls, looking up statistics—everything can be done in one web application,” explained Sebastian Maronn, director of product at Sabienzia. 

The Sabienzia team knew they needed to pay attention to their users’ onboarding experience, because their product was quite technical. “When it came to onboarding new trial accounts, we wanted to show the main benefits of using the platform,” said Maronn. They had to find a way to demonstrate the value of the Sabienzia platform from the first moment the user interacted with the product—and bring the entire process together in a single, streamlined experience. Maronn also noted that they needed a solution that could navigate the complexity of assigning telephone numbers to trial accounts. “When we create a new trial account, we assign those accounts telephone numbers,” he explained. “Those numbers are rotated—so they are only available for one day, and the next day it’s a different one. So there was a dynamic factor that needed to be considered.” 

Customized doesn’t have to mean complicated

Maronn and his team turned to Pendo to build out the complete onboarding flow for their trial users. They leveraged in-app guides and tooltips to create an experience that immersed users in the product, while serving them valuable information to help them succeed.

Sabienzia’s onboarding experience began with a simple “welcome” guide, designed to walk first-time users through key actions and areas of the platform. The team also included an interactive element of the tour, encouraging users to try making and answering a phone call within the application. This is another place where a custom Pendo in-app guide came in handy. “This is where we positioned the guide with a copy block that injected the telephone number,” Maronn explained. “We also included language explaining that during the trial period, the phone number would change once a day due to regulatory legislation.” 

Sabienzia | Pendo Product Screenshot

The final step of Sabienzia’s welcome and onboarding tour included a call to action (CTA) encouraging users to visit the platform’s logs and statistics pages, or to continue exploring on their own. 

Including the call-making and taking experience directly within the onboarding process was a huge win for Maronn and his team—helping to immediately demonstrate the product’s value, while also allowing customers to get familiar with the core functionality of the platform. Before Pendo, Maronn noted that the onboarding experience was incredibly disjointed for new users. “Without these in-app guides, you would have to click on the main menu to navigate to the management of the services where the phone numbers are assigned,” said Maronn. “From there, you would have to find where the telephone number to be called is shown. There was a lot of distraction on the way—and we wanted to avoid losing new users somewhere in another menu we didn’t want to show [yet].”

Since launching this new onboarding experience with Pendo, Maronn noted that Sabienzia has heard great feedback from their users. “We’ve gotten reviews when talking to new sign-ups that the tour was a positive experience for them,” he said. “They had the feeling that it was quite easy and not too complex, despite the product’s complexity behind the scenes.” The new user tour has also reduced friction for the Sabienzia team, saving them time that might otherwise be spent on manual product walk-throughs.

Pro tips

  • If you’re working in a global organization with content in various languages, be sure to establish clear management and naming conventions for your pages and features so that they’re easy to maintain and update
  • While anyone without coding experience can use Pendo, having a little bit of HTML or CSS knowledge can help when you’re working on more complex in-app guides
  • Be mindful of your first-time users’ experience and resist the temptation to show them all the great things your platform can do at once—this could overwhelm or confuse them