How I Pendo Adoption

Driving AI adoption and content engagement in-app

Learn how HR Acuity built trust with their AI-powered employee relations tool, improved content use, and reduced resources with Pendo In-app Guides.


HR Acuity had over ten years of thought leadership and educational content to help users do their jobs better, but their customers couldn’t find the resources they needed and were hesitant to use AI/ML tools.

Pendo'ing it

The team turned to Pendo In-app Guides and fun branding to introduce their AI-powered employee relations tool, olivER, as friendly and approachable. They also used segments to exclusively present olivER to opted-in users to encourage adoption at their own pace.


After launching the In-app Guide, HR Acuity’s users embraced olivER with open arms. Guides also helped HR Acuity increase content engagement, cut down on email sends, and connect with users directly with timely, helpful communications.

Mimi Larkin

VP of Product Enablement

HR Acuity

HR Acuity is a SaaS solution that companies use to document issues with their employees. As the only platform designed for employee relations and investigations, businesses trust HR Acuity to document issues with employees or manage investigations.

“Pendo is an easy way to put all of our messaging directly in the application and provide tailored communications. I think our customers appreciate [Pendo], as well.”

From an abundance of emails to communicating in-app

Let’s face it—most of our inboxes have a pile of unread, unopened emails. We can’t all be Marie Kondo, after all. That’s why Mimi Larkin, HR Acuity’s VP of Product Enablement, set out to find a more effective way to connect with their employee relations platform’s users. 

With 10+ years of thought leadership, HR Acuity had an abundance of educational content for their users. But finding relevant resources was challenging, and these resources were going unused. “People would tell us we have great data, it’s just hard to find,” Larkin explained.

Instead of trying to cut through the noise of cluttered inboxes, Larkin took a different approach to supporting their users: Communicating within their software itself. 

To do this, Larkin and her team turned to Pendo’s In-app Guides for a low-code way to create content directly inside the product. “Guides made it easy for us to communicate in-app because we could get granular and target specific users,” explained Larkin. 

Building trust in AI with a paw-some employee relations companion and In-app Guides

To increase awareness and engagement around their content, HR Acuity created olivER, an AI-powered employee relations assistant.

The problem? HR Acuity’s users—employee relations and investigations teams—were hesitant to use AI. To build excitement and engagement, Larkin and the marketing team tapped into the product manager’s best friend, Pendo (and, er, dogs), to create and promote an approachable, welcoming AI assistant.

“The guide’s look and feel was just as important as the content itself. We wanted to emphasize that olivER was something exciting, but also present users with the information they needed,” Larkin said. 

HR Acuity used segments to target the olivER guide to almost all of their customers, and the project was a success. “The feedback’s been great. Guides are such an easy way to capture attention without developer or marketing resources,” Larkin said. 

With the ability to streamline and simplify customer communications, everyone wins: Customers can find the content they need, the marketing team can send fewer emails, and the product team has a reliable, easy way to reach customers.

What’s next for the HR Acuity team and Pendo? Prioritizing product roadmaps and understanding customer sentiment. “We’re excited to launch Pendo Listen with our customers. Our internal teams are currently using it, and it’s a great way to get visibility into utilization,” said Larkin. “We appreciate Pendo, and I think our customers appreciate it, as well.”

Pro tips

  • Use logical, methodical naming conventions when you start creating in-app guides and tagging features. Otherwise, you’ll end up with duplicate events, and things devolve into disorganization.
  • Start experimenting. Create an in-app guide for a small segment of users, get feedback, and then expand. 
  • Make sure you use throttling to avoid saturating users with too many in-app communications. This protects your user experience, and makes your messages more impactful.