The NPS Debate

Session Abstract

In 2017, usability educator Jared Spool wrote a fiery critique on NPS and its weaknesses. Additionally, a number of studies published in the last decade cast further doubt on NPS as an effective metric. Still, NPS continues to be widely used and relied upon as a product metric. This session looks at the critique head-on and reflects on root of those concerns. This session will also cover SecurityScorecard’s Pendo operations as an example of how NPS drives continuous cross-team awareness of user satisfaction and deepens understanding of its users. Attendees will leave the session with a greater awareness of the NPS debate with 1) takeaways regarding potential blind spots that can block discovery of meaningful insights stemming from NPS campaigns, 2) an understanding of NPS’s value to product teams, even in light of its critique, and 3) an example of a pragmatic approach to NPS in a B2B setting that the NPS critique into consideration.

Session Speaker

Michelle Sung

Michelle Sung

SecurityScorecard, Product Design Lead