#Squadgoals: Using Pendo Goals to Reinforce Great Team Habits

Session Abstract

It’s a Thursday afternoon, and you’re going into the home stretch of the week. Between meetings, you grab a coffee and decide to take a moment to skim through an article on Medium that has been blowing up your social feed. The narrative is punchy, and the usual suspects are highlighted. Always be running experiments. Focus on outcomes over outputs. Iterate often. Learn from your failures. Be customer-obsessed. You give it a few virtual claps, scribble a resolution on a stray post-it and then refocus on the Bezos style 6 Pager you need to finish for tomorrow morning. Sound familiar?

There is no shortage of content on great team habits in today’s world. Chances are that you have a reading list you are planning to get to… don’t you? The hard part is bringing those great team habits to life, especially when most teams are short on spare time and working in environments that are built to resist change.

#squadgoals is a short story on how Procurify created a movement towards better team habits through the regular use of Pendo Goals. It explores how we began with lightweight actions that over time, gave us more and more space to improve within. Along the way, we, made experimentation our default, became much more aware of our outcomes, exposed more stumbles to retrospection, learned how to defend the value of iterations, and engaged more deeply with our customers.

This talk is about sharing what we learned along the way so that others can bring better team habits to life as well. See you at #squadgoals!

Session Speaker

Ryan McCutcheon

Ryan McCutcheon

Procurify, Product Manager