Now What Did I Call That Guide? Naming Conventions for Pendo Elements

Session Abstract

Pendo has taken great care in building usability into its interface: clear navigation, great interaction design for infrequent users and with the recent release of "P2," a wonderful WYSIWIG Guide designer.

But what Pendo hasn't quite nailed is how to manage the hundreds and hundreds of elements a user may generate: features, pages, segments and guides.

At Home Depot Quote Center (HDQC), one of the UX team's first tasks, before we allowed others to work in Pendo, was to craft an IA for the name spaces associated with Pendo elements.

In this session, Frishberg will present the problem HDQC encountered, the solution his team came up with, and the process they used to develop a sustainable name space approach. If you are managing hundreds of elements in Pendo and/or you have multiple teams working inside Pendo, this session will provide concrete actionable approaches to managing your Pendo elements.

Session Speaker

Leo Frishberg

Leo Frishberg

Home Depot Quote Center, Senior Manager, User Experience