Jay Brewer

Senior Vice President, Digital Product Design, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Jay Brewer is the Senior Vice President of Digital Product Design at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, creating a powerful digital platform to support K-12 teachers and improve student outcomes.

Jay has been working in design and user experience across a wide range of areas, including toys, websites, video games, and enterprise software. He founded several companies in games, social media, and product innovation.

As a seasoned product experience designer and leader, Jay’s focus has always been to improve the outcomes of the products and experiences he delivers to the end customer. At Warner Brothers, Jay worked as the Lead Experience Artist to create the interface for Lord of the Rings Online, allowing players to navigate and enjoy Middle Earth. At Rapid7, Jay built the user experience team, which delivered a security platform allowing security professionals to secure their business, allowing innovation to prosper while doing so.

Jay has won over 10+ awards in toy and video game design as well as contributed to the user experience community with white papers on UX Maturity, From Dark Patterns to Angel Patterns, and Converging Data and Design with Continuous delivery.

In his spare time Jay creates music across the electronic, ambient, and alternative rock space, both as an individual artist and artist in The Water’s Edge and Spartan Valley. Jay is also a father to two teenagers and an active runner and cyclist.