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Track 2: Build for a digital-first world

Using Pendo In-app Guides to reduce dev dependencies and drive ROI

At a time when many companies are searching for efficiencies, it has become paramount to find ways to trim costs and streamline processes. In other words, ROI is king in our current landscape. While Pendo is perhaps best known for its ability to help teams understand their users and gather key engagement metrics, the platform also allows you to find ways to work more effectively and efficiently, deliver solutions that reduce engineering effort, remove engineering dependencies, and—ultimately—save your company money.

In this session, Jonathon will share the success he and his team have seen from using all parts of the Pendo platform. He’ll share how Medidata Solutions uses in-app guides to improve the user experience and deliver timely information to users (without requiring extensive technical knowledge)—resulting in a six-figure return on their notification guides. He’ll also demonstrate how his team has saved hundreds (even thousands) of work hours each year by using Pendo to streamline their product development, testing, and validation processes.

You’ll learn new strategies for putting Pendo to work to create cross-functional efficiencies that positively impact your bottom line, all the while creating a more robust and effective user experience in your software.


Jonathon Wilson

Senior R&D Software Systems Analyst

Medidata Solutions