Pendomonium 2023 Encore

Hundreds of product practitioners and enthusiasts came to Pendomonium 2023 to connect with the community, grow as leaders, and learn how to build breakaway digital experiences. We're excited to bring you an encore of the event—including slides from each session and videos from featured speakers, on demand.


2023 Opening keynote | Entering the age of intelligence

Product teams are uniquely suited for this particular moment in history: The opportunity to move your companies beyond AI hype, and to implement this cutting-edge technology in a way that... Read more ->

2023 Keynote | Taking an AI-first approach to product development: Insights from an ML and AI expert

AI is transforming the way we build products across every category and industry. Learn how to navigate the AI-first evolution with insight from Yochai Koni... Read more ->

Track 1: Lead in product

Cultivating empowered and data-informed product teams

How can product leaders empower their product management (PM) teams—and the wider organization—to make better informed, data-driven decisions? By helping them underst... Read more ->

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Product Advocacy

Is your team product-led within a large organization that’s beset by siloed business units and disparate teams? Do you face roadblocks and delays in your journey to share the light of p... Read more ->

Leading laterally: Actionable steps to become a stronger product leader

As product managers, we frequently have to drive our ideas forward through to stakeholders, departments, and maybe even the entire organization. We are responsible for outcomes, but we ha... Read more ->

Stakeholders as students: Product management tips from a teacher

In this session, Suki will cover three core areas related to product management and share insights gleaned from his former teaching career. First, he’ll explore how to recognize ski... Read more ->

Track 2: Build for a digital-first world

Selling the value of data: Going from chips and salsa to the full menu

In this day and age, many of us are facing financial challenges and resource crunches. But this is fueling a healthy level of self-reflection for many organizations, as we continually dri... Read more ->

Engagement at any scale: How U.S. Bank uses Pendo to create better digital experiences for consumers and small businesses

In this session, you’ll hear how two very different teams within one of the country’s largest banks both use Pendo to build better customer experiences, at scale.

First...

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Using Pendo In-app Guides to reduce dev dependencies and drive ROI

At a time when many companies are searching for efficiencies, it has become paramount to find ways to trim costs and streamline processes. In other words, ROI is king in our current lands... Read more ->

Going viral: Product-led principles to drive product virality and growth

Virality is a critical part of the product-led growth (PLG) motion. It isn’t always fast, but it is the best way to drive down customer acquisition costs (CAC) and grow your busines... Read more ->

Building a digital customer experience, guided by user insight

In B2B, direct communication with customers can be a challenge. Product management, sales, retention, customer success, support—all of these touchpoints can make it hard to know who you... Read more ->

From brick and mortar to software: Accelerating digital transformation in a traditional business

When you think of a retail store that sells everything from hammers and hardhats to grills and garden equipment, an ecosystem of integrated software applications probably isn’t the firs... Read more ->

Enabling the product-led motion, at scale

Building a product-led culture doesn’t just improve how product and UX teams manage features and optimize experiences—it creates efficiencies and generates a positive impact in al... Read more ->

A Pendo balancing act: Delivering an extraordinary experience without creating a circus

We get it—Pendo unlocks a whole new world of opportunities to analyze user behavior, get feedback, and communicate in-app with users. So how can you harness this energy at your company ... Read more ->

Track 3: Accelerate your Pendo initiatives

Seeing is believing: The power of Session Replay for product teams

It seems great product teams are always great at two things: Understanding users and influencing without authority. Analytics are a powerful tool to help you do both of these things—but... Read more ->

Inspiration to innovation: Why PMs are the key to AI success

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around since the 60s. But the AI boom following the release of ChatGPT has positioned this technology as a transformative force—reshaping industrie... Read more ->

How to use Pendo In-app Guides to prompt action and improve digital engagement

Many organizations rely on email to communicate important information to their customers, only to be disappointed by poor campaign performance. With 347.3 billion emails sent per day, it ... Read more ->

Creating a scalable research insights engine through Pendo engagement

You probably know about Pendo’s capabilities around engagement, analytics, guides, and feedback tools. But did you know it can also be leveraged to create directories of user popula... Read more ->

How to take Discovery from an art to a science with Pendo

Great discovery is critical to building great products. If you don’t understand your target audience’s goals and the why behind those goals, delivering value is almost impossible.... Read more ->

Supercharging product innovation with generative AI: Building better products, faster

Product leaders and product managers know it: Every product is going to have AI and every product team is going to use AI. This is impacting every product team’s roadmap and how they bu... Read more ->

Using Pendo to determine your product’s direction

The Nasdaq Dorsey Wright team has successfully overhauled a number of key products within their research platform—and Pendo was instrumental in every step of the process. In this sessio... Read more ->

Track 4: Drive workplace efficiency

From insights to impact: Transforming enterprise technology with product analytics

Zillow recognized a gap in their understanding of employee workflow efficiency, referring to it as a blind spot hindering their strategic progress. As a result, they have strategically sh... Read more ->

Using behavior insights to prioritize product efforts and improve internal tools

The CRM team for Fidelity’s Personal Investing business unit needed a way to track user interactions on a mass scale—so they turned to Pendo. With the help of their Strategy Consultan... Read more ->

Digital Adoption Center of Excellence: What it is, why you need one, and how to get started

Do you build and analyze the effectiveness of Pendo content for your organization? If the answer is “yes,” you likely are considering a Center of Excellence (CoE). You think l... Read more ->

The future of work: How Pendo uses Pendo to elevate the employee experience, improve productivity via automation, and drive delight in an increasingly digital workplace

As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of work, organizations across all industries and geographies must quickly grasp what it means to have digital workforces. More and more, work is... Read more ->

Track 5: Prove product value

Quick BIG wins with basic Pendo features

The Heartland School Solutions team recently had a couple of BIG wins. They were able to drive app store ratings up roughly 3 points within only a week by leveraging Pendo In-app Guides, ... Read more ->

The power of Pendo: Driving business outcomes using core Pendo features

Broadcom uses Pendo for its ValueOps product, Rally, to drive business impact across the organization—leveraging features including segments, analytics, in-app guides, surveys, and NPS.... Read more ->

Product analytics: Lessons on data intelligence

In the last 6 years, Collibra has gone from startup to unicorn to industry leader in enterprise data intelligence platforms. In this session, Dmytro will share lessons his team has learne... Read more ->

Customer panel | Outputs to outcomes: How three organizations built data-driven, value-focused product orgs

As product organizations begin to transition away from a “feature factory” mentality to an outcomes-based mentality, product teams need new sets of principles on which to oper... Read more ->

Overcoming the “DRIP” factor: Data rich, information poor

Data is the oil of the 21st century. Everyone wants it, but few know how to maximize its value. A successful data strategy requires more than just technology—you need to know how to fin... Read more ->

Empowering data-informed decisions across the enterprise: How to integrate Pendo data into your BI tools

In today’s data-driven world, organizations depend on leveraging insights and analytics to make informed decisions that drive desired business outcomes. Oftentimes, these opportunit... Read more ->

Consumption-driven product planning: Using product analytics and user behavior to inform investment decisions

In this session, you’ll learn how VMware Aria Cost Powered by CloudHealth uses Pendo Analytics to make smarter product investments and data-driven decisions. Jared will share how hi... Read more ->

How to revolutionize your product development process and build breakaway products with customer feedback

Are you ready to take your product development to the next level? In this session, Jay and Zhuldyz will explore the full potential of Pendo to transform your customer feedback into cuttin... Read more ->