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Track 1: How I Pendo Lightning Talks

Lightning Talk: All things governance & standardization with Pendo

In this lightning talk, you’ll learn about the most effective ways companies are standardizing how their teams use Pendo via governance strategies and centers of excellence (COE). You’ll learn:

  • How Medidata established a 9-week training course to help build Centers of Pendo Excellence across the business and create a wider base of Pendo knowledge
  • How to set your organization up for successful Pendo adoption
  • How LexisNexis implemented a Pendo COE and standardized processes to streamline operations, enhance user experiences, and pave the way for seamless scalability
  • Best practices from Sage for establishing effective governance of Pendo efforts, including guide authoring and approval, tracking and sharing work, naming conventions, best practices, and more


Jonathon Wilson

Senior R&D Software Systems Analyst

Medidata Solutions

John Gardiner

Principal Content Designer


Vijitha Cheekala

Product Manager