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Track 3: Business of Product

Unlocking growth: Generating PQLs with Pendo

Get a deep understanding of how Procare Solutions uses Pendo to generate product-qualified leads (PQLs) and new revenue avenues. We explore how Pendo enables us to identify and qualify PQLs effectively by providing deep, automated insights into user behavior, feature adoption, and product usage. By leveraging Pendo’s analytics capabilities, we gain a comprehensive understanding of our users’ needs and preferences, allowing us to tailor our marketing and sales efforts accordingly.

During this session, we’ll also cover practical strategies for using Pendo to generate PQLs, including:

  • Behavioral segmentation: Use Pendo’s segmentation features to identify high-value user segments based on our engagement levels, feature usage, and conversion behaviors.
  • In-app messaging: Leverage Pendo’s in-app messaging capabilities to deliver users targeted messages and educational content.
  • Product-led onboarding: Implement product-led onboarding experiences powered by Pendo to seamlessly onboard new users, showcase product value, and encourage deeper engagement.
  • Triggered campaigns: Set up triggered campaigns within Pendo to automatically reach out to users based on specific actions or behaviors, nurturing them towards conversion and advocacy.


Melissa Skrbic-Huss

Director of UI/UX

Procare Solutions

Ekin Van Winkle

Director, Product Operations

Procare Solutions