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Track 1: How I Pendo Lightning Talks

From pain points to power plays: Pendo’s impact on platform performance

Learn about Yahoo! Ad Platform’s transformative product journey using Pendo to better identify, diagnose, and resolve user experience issues with their ad tech platform.

Historically, discovering and quantifying platform issues (like low page performance and vague error messages) required extensive engineering efforts to create custom dashboards for product managers, diverting valuable resources from feature development. To overcome these obstacles, we embarked on a journey to maximize the potential of Pendo track events. By strategically implementing Pendo track events, Yahoo! Ads empowered product management to actively monitor error occurrences and page load performance in real time. Product managers were able to identify and address thousands of instances of nondescript error messages, ultimately collaborating with engineering to implement targeted solutions and enhance user communication. This proactive approach not only resolved existing issues but also laid the foundation for ongoing platform optimization.


Kameron Canbaz

Principal Product Manager