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Track 2: Build for a digital-first world

A Pendo balancing act: Delivering an extraordinary experience without creating a circus

We get it—Pendo unlocks a whole new world of opportunities to analyze user behavior, get feedback, and communicate in-app with users. So how can you harness this energy at your company to make informed, product-led decisions that create a positive impact on your customers? Join Liz and Sarah, Pendo ringmasters at Nelnet Business Services (NBS), to learn:

  • How NBS uses Pendo to build better digital experiences and improve internal user knowledge
  • How NBS leverages Pendo data and polls to improve efficiency and productivity across teams
  • How teams across NBS use data-informed guides to help internal and external users navigate change across their suite of products


Liz Feller

Manager, Design Systems & Analytics


Sarah Allard

In-App Help Administrator