Steven Washington

Senior Product Manager, Zillow

Steven is a strategic product leader driven by customer obsession and a relentless pursuit of the impossible. He believes the key to product success lies in creating win-win scenarios for employees, partners, and customers.

As a product manager at Zillow, Steven is focused on delivering measurable results that improve employee productivity and business application effectiveness. He oversees the technical implementation of product analytics strategies while investing in long-term innovation. With a successful track record spanning over 15 years, he has led cross-functional teams, implemented product analytics tools, automated pricing and enterprise agreements, measured Salesforce CRM performance, and expanded cloud computing business operations globally. 

Steven’s experience at LivingSocial, Microsoft, and Amazon Web Services has enhanced his leadership and analytical abilities, driving innovation and measurable outcomes. He’s motivated by developing relationships and navigating through the fog to create scalable solutions that humans find useful.