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2023 - Track 1: Lead in product

Cultivating empowered and data-informed product teams

How can product leaders empower their product management (PM) teams—and the wider organization—to make better informed, data-driven decisions? By helping them understand the prevalence of biases and assumptions—so they can challenge them and dig deeper into the facts. In this session, Pawana will share actionable advice for guiding product teams to incorporate data and evidence throughout the discovery process. She’ll cover:

  • Tips for empowering PMs to champion ownership of these insights across your entire stakeholder base
  • Strategies for getting executive buy-in for funding and investment in the right tools
  • Best practices for building outcome-driven roadmaps

You’ll leave this interactive Q&A-style session with new confidence and knowledge of how to drive customer engagement, reduce operational and process inefficiencies, and which metrics you should be using to measure customer and business success.


Pawana Burlakoti

Head of Product, Global Intelligence and Analytics

S&P Global