Naomi Lariviere

Chief Product Owner & Vice President of Product Management, ADP

Naomi embarked on her ADP journey in 2019, armed with over 20 years of remarkable leadership experience spanning Product Management and Technology roles within Human Capital Management and Financial Services. As the Chief Product Owner, Vice President of Product Management for National Account Services, Naomi oversees a vast portfolio of products including ADP Vantage HCM®, Enterprise HR®, Benefits, ADP General Ledger to name a few.

With an ardent passion for mentorship, Naomi actively participates in ADP’s Mentoring programs, focusing her passion on empowering Women in Technology (WiT), Women in Leadership (WiL), and advancing excellence in Product Management. Before ADP, her journey encompassed impactful roles at SHL, Gartner, CEB, NetSpend, Merrill Lynch, and Citigroup. Naomi’s adept leadership garnered her team’s two prestigious HR Executive Top Product of the Year awards in the Talent Management sphere, recognizing her creativity and innovative use of new technologies.

Naomi holds master’s degrees in Business and Management from Webster University and has pursued advanced studies at both Standford University and MIT. Outside of work, Naomi is a busy mom to three very active boys and as a Breast Cancer survivor, she passionately advocates for women’s health and wellness on her various social platforms.