Increase Feature Usage, Improve Usability, and Reduce Churn

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A Product Engagement Platform.

As a product team, bringing in new users and launching features is not where the story ends.  You need to make sure your customers are getting value out of the features you have and that they are aware of the features you have built for them.  With Pendo's state of the art Product Engagement Platform, measure usage of your features and change behaviors - real time. 

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Increase Feature Usage

The difference between successful software and bad software is how much value the features deliver to users. Pendo tracks how each feature in your application is being used in real-time and enables you to take action immediately to increase product engagement.


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Improve Usability

Pendo can help you create great user experiences.  With in-application guides, you can walk users through complicated processes, personalize and improve the onboarding process and enable users to help themselves without ever leaving your application.  And our usage data helps you see areas where you can adapt your product to further enhance usability.


Reduce Churn

Churn isn't just a problem you can offload on your customer success team and sales team. Poor product experiences lead to unhappy users and customers. Pendo helps you bolster your first line of defense -- your product -- to retain users and customers.


“We have found Pendo to be invaluable for our product and development teams. Pendo has fundamentally changed the way we build, announce, and measure the success of features, and has been instrumental in reducing churn through the use of in-application guides.”

Peter Bourne
CEO, Spring Metrics

Track and discover how much or how little each feature in your application is being used.

Feature Metrics

Visitor & Account Metrics

Get detailed analytics around how individual users/visitors are using your application, as well as how your customers/accounts as a whole are using the application.

In-Application Messaging

Why stop at just knowing? The next step is doing. With In-App Messaging, you can communicate with your customers right in your own application in real time.

No Coding

With Pendo, you install a single snippet of code on your web application once, and you will capture all product usage. Pendo works in modern applications, legacy applications and even single page applications.

Retroactive Analysis

Didn’t know something was important to analyze? Don’t worry we still have that data. Go back in time and see. twitter link
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