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Follow, understand, and guide the complete user journey through your application

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Capture all user behavior without coding

Without any instrumentation or API calls, we grab ALL user behavior. This means EVERYTHING a user does in your app, so that you don’t need to worry about it. Single page applications, legacy applications, modern applications, it doesn’t matter. Your customer usage data will always be there for you. Welcome to the future.

“Pendo kicks ass, the system is sweet! It’s easy to install and use, unlike [redacted] that is really confusing to set up.”
~ James Young, Bernie Sez

Personalize the product experience

Use your customer’s usage data to provide individually personalized guidance that helps your users be successful. Educate users, drive preferred behavior and improve the user experience with in-application messages. And still no coding!

“With Pendo, we can use customer usage data and in-application guides to create a unique experience for each customer, leading to better user experiences and higher customer satisfaction.”
~ Matthew Lane, Sciquest

Facts, not Opinions

Stop deciding what to build based on the most charismatic person in the room — decide based on facts. Use real customer usage data to inform roadmap decisions and prioritize features that really help your business grow.

“Pendo gives us easily accessible, invaluable knowledge about our customers, users, and features that we use to help drive immediate product improvements, deeper customer engagement and the future direction of our products.”
~ Dave Coburn, Invoca

Increase Customer Engagement

Better products and in-app messages or guides are proven to improve engagement. Engaged customers are happy customers. Happy customers lead to reduced churn, increased trial to paid customer conversions, and increased upsells. And who doesn’t want that?

“Pendo enables us to understand complex behavior at a feature level to increase customer engagement.”
~ Fabrice Martin, Clarabridge

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