Understand your users like never before

Capture feedback directly in-app to understand not only what users are doing, but why. Data alone can’t reveal intent. Bring together quantitative product analysis and qualitative user feedback for unprecedented insight.

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Monitor Satisfaction with NPS

Discover your happiest and least satisfied users and calculate Net Promoter® scores. Understand what drives product loyalty, where customers experience pain, and when they are about to churn. Prioritize product updates to create more promoters.

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“The response for the in-app NPS survey was really strong. We saw a 20% response rate in-app versus only about 10% for the emailed survey.”

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Becky Banasik, TrendKite

Use feedback to drive product success

Use in-app surveys to reach users “in-the-moment” for incredibly relevant feedback. Use segments to reach out to a specific set of users, or only those that have used a particular feature. Create polls to assess the effectiveness of your in-app guides and walkthroughs.

Get better results

Still using email for customer feedback? Serve polls directly in your application for higher response rates, as much as 3x, more representative responses, and better feedback quality.

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Why Product Data is Your Path to Success

Pendo’s new survey of nearly 200 product managers and executives shows that those with a more robust product analytics strategy are more profitable, grow faster and have lower churn than their competitors. How do you stack up?

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