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The Silent Majority

Who are they? What do they want!? B2B software presents some unique complications. Consider this – in the organization using your B2B product, the majority of users have never spoken to anyone from your company and weren’t involved in the purchase.

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Elements of a Great User Experience

Design should focus on the users first, before shaping the technology around it. This is called “user-centered design” and three important activities underpin it…

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Manage UX Tasks With These Options

There are many ways in which agile engineering tasks can be tracked, but accounting for UX tasks isn’t always straightforward. Here are three ways in which product, UX, and development can get on the same page.

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User insights accelerate adoption of a new interface

“We used Pendo to reach out to all of the heavy users of that page to gather feedback prior to migrating them to the new interface. As a result they were much happier with the move.”

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Offer contextual help — right in your interface

Easily help your users successfully complete tasks and use more of your application, by adding quick explanations or how-tos. Increase usability without cluttering the user experience.

See where users succeed easily — and where they fail

Define custom funnels to follow users through specific tasks and how efficiently they complete them. See which steps lose users, and identify opportunities to streamline the user experience.

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5 Rules for Improving Product Engagement

Understand how customers engage with your product at the most granular level, and how can you affect that customer behavior to maximize their usage of your application.

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