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Product Trials and Data Tribulations

For many, product data during the trial period is feast or famine. They’re either overwhelmed with data, making it difficult to condense actionable insights, or they don’t have access to even the most basic session-level data.

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The Rise of Product Leadership

Let’s not refer to a product manager as a generalist, a Swiss Army knife, or “CEO of a product.” Instead, let’s refer to product manager as a product leader. Because inspiring leaders are what we aspire to become.

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Guidelines for Feature Releases

In-app messaging tools give you the ability to announce features. But rollouts can still be challenging. In this post, we’ll look at strategies for taming the complexity of feature rollouts, and getting value to your customers quickly and smoothly.

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Product data helps to identify super users and early adopters

“When we release a new feature, I want to know how it’s being adopted and who the early adopters are, so we can reach out for feedback. The beauty of Pendo is that if you don’t tag something now, you can always go back later and tag it.”

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Stop guessing and start knowing

Stop deciding what to build based on what you think users are doing — decide based on facts. Use real customer usage data to inform roadmap decisions and prioritize features that really help your business grow.

Get incredibly relevant feedback

Reach users “in-the-moment” by gathering feedback directly in your application. Target your outreach to only survey users who have actually used the feature or capabilities you’re asking about.

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Why Product Data is Your Path to Success

Pendo’s new survey of nearly 200 product managers and executives shows that those with a more robust product analytics strategy are more profitable, grow faster and have lower churn than their competitors. How do you stack up?

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