White Paper

Know What to Build Next

Using qualitative and quantitative data to optimize your roadmap

Pendo Product Cloud: Qualitative + Quantitative Diagram

Every day, prospects, market events, internal stakeholders, and customers give product teams information on how their product is used and perceived. As switching solutions becomes less expensive, customers expect every product to remain intuitive and effective as their needs evolve, and they’re increasingly voicing these requirements across the product journey. While receiving product feedback and feature suggestions from a variety of sources is both necessary and essential to innovation, it can also quickly become overwhelming.

To make sure product teams are addressing the needs of the market in ways that push the company ahead of competitors, three key questions should always stay top-of-mind:

1. How do I know what to build next?
2. Are my teams working on the right things?
3. Are we communicating updates in ways that foster great customer experiences?

But how do you make sure you’re accurately answering those questions and the process of answering those questions doesn’t impede action and innovation?

The solution is a combination of qualitative and quantitative product and user data, correlated and accessible in one location. Unsiloing and blending all of this diverse data is essential to evaluating priorities and deciding what to build next, resulting in more value captured by the user and higher ROI from your product investments.

How do I know what to build next?

Which product improvements and new features are going to add value for my users?

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