Pendo Via

User Insight & Guided Adoption for Enterprise Business Apps

Software builders and software buyers both want the same thing—once a contract is signed, everyone wants a smooth rollout and enthusiastic adoption. But builders and buyers need different tools. Builders use the Pendo Product Cloud to understand and guide their entire user base, while software buyers need insight and guidance tailored for their team. To understand adoption and drive usage of key enterprise applications, software buyers customize their team’s experience with Pendo VIA.

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Builders use Pendo Product Cloud to build products users love.


Buyers use Pendo VIA to drive adoption of the tools you purchase.

The power of Pendo Product Cloud packaged for software buyers.

With Pendo VIA, you can create custom in-app messaging for your team to simplify onboarding new users, manage a successful rollout, teach new workflows, or answer common questions. Then, with Pendo’s powerful product analytics, you can easily see who on your team has successfully learned your tools, and who needs extra attention.

Personalized Experience

Deliver custom in-app content and guides that support the unique ways your team uses key enterprise applications.

Improved User Confidence

Embed just-in-time training and contextual help to eliminate confusion and proactively answer questions as your team learns new tools and new workflows.

Faster Time to Value

Measure adoption across your team, realize the full capabilities of the tools your team uses, and enhance the return on your software investment.

Joe Reitz

Global Technical Training Manager at AWS

Winner of Marketo's Marketer of the Year

We [can] take all the documentation, all the high touch training we do on a daily basis, and put it in platform, in context, wherever the marketer is.

How is Pendo VIA different?

Unlike other in-app training tools that layer over your apps with a cumbersome plugin, Pendo VIA installs natively. That means that it always displays as a natural part of the app experience, won’t break after software updates, and doesn’t expose your user data to an unapproved third party. Instead of going around your vendor, we work directly with them. We think that results in a better guided adoption experience and a more sustainable solution.

Native Installation

Data Security

Vendor Approved

Is Pendo VIA available for my app?

Pendo VIA is in limited release and is currently available for Marketo. If you are a Marketo user and want to improve adoption across your teams, we want to hear from you.

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If you have another app we want to hear from you too. Contact the Pendo VIA market development team at [email protected].