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In this new video series, Pendo experts spotlight a popular or recently launched product and rate how effectively the business behind it is executing 6 key principles of product-led growth. How do your favorite products size up? Watch and find out!

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Successful digital transformations hinge on optimizing your customer and employee experience. Learn how a product-led approach can help you do both.

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What is a product-led company?

Product-led companies put product at the center of their customer experience and business strategy. They use their products as channels through which to engage with users, acquire new customers, boost sales and expansion, and drive efficient growth at scale. By focusing on the product experience itself, these companies deliver better experiences—all while reaping internal benefits like more focused and data-driven development, improved product and feature adoption, higher customer retention and user productivity, and reduced operational waste. Here’s how they do it:

The rise of the product-led organization

Todd Olson explains how product-led companies do things differently, and why going product led builds competitive advantage.

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