improving the Saas Customer Onboarding Process

Saas Customer Onboarding Process

One of the most critical phases of the SaaS customer journey is onboarding.  Customers will decide whether or not your product offers them value based on their first impression. First impressions can be powerful and set you up for long-term loyalty or end your relationship with the click of a mouse. Saas applications are getting more and more complex - the challenge facing product teams is giving customers a path to your value as quickly as possible. 

Pendo has a comprehensive solution for improving the onboarding experience for your customers. We can get your users onboard and productive in half the time through robust analytics, in-app guides and an insightful process.

Pendo will help you:

  • Improve onboarding through in-app guides - helps you drive the behaviors that are working for you, guiding your users through the onboarding process
  • Personalize onboarding - by capturing user behavior data to provide tailored guidance and content to different user segments
  • Accelerate onboarding without the need for coding - begin capturing user data and delivering guidance immediately with just a small JavaScript snippet - no need for coding

Pendo wants to give product managers the insights and tools they need to improve their customer's experience - ultimately driving their product's success. Want to learn more? Download our latest whitepaper today. 

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