Improve your Customers' Onboarding Experience

Improve Customer Onboarding Experience

Your customer's first in-app experience has a significant impact on whether or not you're product will be a success. If the onboarding process is overwhelming or confusing for your customer, you can kiss your growth goodbye. Improving your customers' onboarding experience will help reduce user churn by providing a user experience that delivers value quickly and consistently.

Here's where Pendo can help - we give user experience professionals the insight to know where users struggle in their applications and offer them guidance toward success. We help you focus on improving the onboarding experience to make your users more proficient reducing the likelihood for churn.

Let's look at a few areas Pendo can help:

  • Personalization - tailor your onboarding approach and content for different user segments
  • Capture - how much time customers spend in your application, which features they use and  trends over time
  • Analytics - using captured data, we show you which features should be retired, which aren't being discovered, which to target for upselling or trial conversions, and much more

Pendo is committed to your success - improving the customer onboarding experience is key to developing lasting loyalty. Take a minute to download our latest whitepaper, "Build an Onboarding Engine for Product and Customer Success", to learn more.

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