Customer Retention Metrics - PRomote your champions

Customer Retention Metrics

It’s never too late to start collecting data and improve your customer retention strategy – although the sooner you begin, the more information you will have to make decisions and plan. Understanding even some of the most basic customer usage metrics allows you to take a look at trends and improve customer retention. 

You probably have a hunch about who your top customers are already. Take a look at the behavioral attributes that make up those successful customers. What do they do in your product that makes them happy? Also, examine your existing customer base and identify ways to segment your customers, regardless of their state of satisfaction, in order to begin some baseline metrics. Check out these three tips below and start asking the questions that will allow you to start promoting your champions and mitigating surprises from day one.

  1. Identify Common Denominators – Revenue, geography, or company size, etc.
  2. Take a Deep Dive –  How do successful customers behave? What's unique about their activities in the product? 
  3. Strategic Intervention – Recognize patterns and create strategic proactive solutions

 It’s not as difficult as you might think. Get started by simply reading The Product Data Advantage.

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