GEt Customer Engagement Metrics And Robust Analytics

Customer Engagement Metrics

Customer engagement metrics enable you to understand complex customer behavior. Yet, many companies struggle because they don’t have visibility into how customers use the application or the engineering resources to experiment with changes to the interface. What if you could easily see what users are doing in your application - what features they use, the paths they follow, and where they struggle?

Pendo allows product managers and user experience professionals to experiment fearlessly by capturing user behavior, and providing interactive, tailored user guidance to improve the product experience.  All without any additional engineering work.

  • Get a rich set of analytics around your customers and the individual users of your application
  • Understand who your superusers are, see historical trends, see in aggregate how often they are using specific pages and features
  • See at a very granular level exactly what a visitor does throughout the course of a day

Get, The Product Data Advantage, read the white paper below.

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