Benefits of product analytics

Benefits Of Product Analytics

Many agree that data and analytics lead to more successful products - knowing what to measure and how often is the key to building a better product by allowing you to understand and focus on the things that truly deliver value to your customers. If you can understand and track the behavior of your customer, you could harness the insights needed to tap into what's working and what isn't. The benefits are endless - for your customer and ultimately for you. 

Pendo, a data-driven platform that improves your product experience, offers analytics that show which features customers use, how much time they spend in your application and trends over time with combined results across accounts and users. Pendo helps you understand what your customer wants and how to give it to them. 

Key benefits of the Pendo platform include:

  • Easy to install - cut and paste a JavaScript snippet and begin capturing user events, it's that simple
  • Instrument In-App - no need to involve engineers, setup is done from any browser
  • Capture is automatic - every page view, link clicked and focus event, every element with which your customers interact, without any additional instrumentation

Gain valuable insight into your customer's experience with your product with Pendo. To learn more about the benefits of product analytics, download our whitepaper "The Product Data Advantage" today. 

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