Application Tracking Software For Rich Analytics

Application Tracking Software

Even with all of the data around us, 25% of software companies do not use application tracking software. Consequently, when it comes to their apps, they are “flying blind”.  And did you know that 80% of all mobile apps are only used once and then deleted? 

Without a detailed understanding of how your apps are used, which features are used most, the common paths users take through the app, and why...Developing new features is basically guesswork. And with your customers willing to press delete – you can’t afford to spend time building things that don’t deliver customer value. 

Pendo is application tracking software built from the ground up for your web applications. It allows you to capture – every piece of user activity in your application. You'll be able to follow user paths, measure feature usage, and connect with users for additional context about their actions - all without writing any additional code. And it also enables you to poll, directly in the user interface, for incredible feedback. Best of all, with just a simple installation, you start collecting data immediately without needing instrumentation or APIs.

We cordially invite you to watch the demonstrations to see how to:

  • Start collecting EVERY user interaction immediately after installation
  • Learn exactly what drives engagement, which new features get adopted, and why
  • Track feature usage, create guides, and more for both single and multiple page applications
  • Get a rich set of analytics around your customers and the individual users of your application

Come in, sit down. We are here for you and Pendo is easy. Please enjoy the demo.

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