Analyze App Usage Data to improve customer experience

App Usage Data

What if you could see everything your customers do in your apps clearly? Would you understand how to improve them? And imagine if you connect with people directly, to better understand why – they do what they do. Companies that have access to their app usage data, and use it to improve their product experience, typically double their annual revenue. 

Pendo quietly stores all app usage data so you can see what your customers really do. So you can improve customer experience while in the app. We are intelligently engineered to not disrupt your performance, security, or processes. We capture all usage data without coding and empower people of any technical skill level to easily understand and guide their users. 

Pendo is easy to use:

  • Pendo captures EVERYTHING a user does in your app – without you doing a thing
  • Learn where users struggle in your application and why and understand complex behaviors
  • Install and use in minutes without instrumentation, APIs, or advanced skill set
  • Pendo is enterprise grade.  If you’re growing, we’ll grow with you. If you’re big, that’s okay too because we scale

We surveyed 200 product teams and organized the results in the downloadable white paper. The results show companies that analyze their app usage data outperform in many areas while companies that don't analyze data have a clear opportunity to accelerate their app capabilities. 

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