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App Analytics Tool

What if you could easily see everything customers do in your app? And – what if you could connect with them directly to understand – why they do what they do? Software companies that use an app analytics tool have 2x higher annual revenue because robust product data has a significant impact on both product and business success.

Pendo provides a unique solution to help you improve your customer experience in the application. Pendo is easy to use. We install in minutes and capture all usage data without coding. We are intelligently engineered as not to impact performance, security, and process. Hence we empower people at all technical skill levels to easily understand and guide their users. 

  • Pendo captures EVERYTHING a user does in your app
  • We start working instantly without needing instrumentation or APIs
  • Learn where users struggle in your application and why
  • Pendo is enterprise grade. If you’re growing, we’ll grow with you. 

We surveyed 200 product teams and found that companies with more advanced analytic programs outperformed in many areas. Read the complete, Product Data Advantage, to learn about how implementing an app analytics tool can truly benefit you and your customers.

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