Darren Long

SVP, Advisor Tools, Nasdaq Dorsey Wright

Darren Long, CDPM, is the head of product and customer success for the Nasdaq Dorsey Wright Research Platform, a SaaS solution supporting financial advisors. Darren has been in the retail wealth management business for 23 years and is a staunch advocate of the financial advisor voice and value within Nasdaq. With over 5,000 monthly active users yet only a team of three to support them, Darren realized a long time ago that technology needed to help him scale to support his clients and product. Becoming a Pendo product experience partner in 2020 after transitioning from a different partner, Darren is pushing a number of emergent product-led growth initiatives to continue to have the product work for itself and extracting optimal efficiency for our teams. Darren’s proudest professional achievement of late has been maintaining an NPS in the 70s despite being required to deploy some very disruptive tech debt remediation projects that resulted in significant changes to the most visited set of pages in the product. When not trying to wow his financial advisor clients, Darren is busy on the soccer fields with his daughters, chasing the Dave Matthews band around the east coast with his wife, or grinding out miles on the Peloton in his me time.

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