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Transforming your product through challenges: How Morgan Stanley used a hackathon for implementation

5:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Like many of us, Morgan Stanley is adapting to the expectations of a new class of young and tech-savvy users. The company has had massive user growth over the past few years and they’re using Pendo to better understand and adapt quickly to the needs of these users. But that doesn’t come without challenges. Implementing Pendo in particular has been a sticky spot for the company. How’d they solve it? A hackathon? That’s right! Join this session to learn how the innovators at Shareworks (Morgan Stanley for Work) used a hack-a-thon to solve a sticky situation and keep moving fast with Pendo.


Liz Chudleigh

Data Analyst and Product Owner

Morgan Stanley at Work

Taylor Bugo

Product Manager

Morgan Stanley

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