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Track 4: Build with Pendo

Pendo One: The shift from human-driven to machine-driven AI

What if our business decisions were guided by insights from millions of data points? Can AI predict our needs better than we can? Can AI lead us to the best actions for our business?

At Pendo, these questions inspired our transition from human-driven AI, where the user initiates the actions and the AI assists with insights, to machine-driven AI, where AI takes the lead and the user is there to approve, decline, or refine the AI’s recommendations. This transformation has redefined our AI strategy and enhanced our product capabilities.

In this session, Dr. Inbal Budowski-Tal, our Sr. Director of Machine Learning, will discuss the evolution of Pendo AI through the lens of the four levels of AI. She’ll walk through the full-suite of AI features available in the Pendo platform as well as dive into how Pendo’s ML and engineering teams have made the leap from human-driven AI to machine-driven AI with the launch of our newest AI and ML products, Recommendations, Listen, and Orchestrate.


Dr. Inbal Budowski-Tal

Senior Director, Machine Learning