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Track 3: Business of Product

Pendo as a culture catalyst: Accelerating PLG transition by breaking down silos

Datasite‚Äôs core business is transactional and sales-led, so introducing PLG methodology has required massive changes in the 50-year-old company’s DNA. Pendo is at the center of this culture shift to an AI-based M&A search engine. Starting with UX and branching out to nearly 200 users in Product Management, Engineering, Data Science, Support, Sales, and Marketing, the company is converting departments to a new way of working together. The more teams see the value in Pendo, the more excited they get about collaboration with product, resulting in unprecedented cross-functional innovation.

In this talk, we will give examples of:

  • Using dashboards for alignment on major product changes
  • How marketing saved hours a week with Data Explorer
  • Gauging interest in new features and managing early access via Polls
  • The importance of benchmarking to set reasonable expectations
  • Tool standardization & tech stack consolidation
  • Pain points we overcame & ongoing challenges
  • Experimentation to find best practices for our unique product & users


Andy Krueger

Product Design Director


JR Harrell

SVP of Product Design & Strategy